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Mobile Venue Hire

Need a Mobile Venue for Hire?

We offer mobile venue hire here at The Toy Tent perfect for kids parties and children events.

We understand that sometimes you the parents just want to have their kid’s party at home and in the comfort of your own back garden or that of a relative or close friend.

Melbourne Mobile Venue Hire

By holding your special event in an environment familiar to both you and your child will provide additional confidence on this day of fun and excitement.

With our two unique options of mobile venue hire we believe we can help you create your own indoor play centre in the comfort of your own surroundings.


Inflatable Venue Hire

The Toy Tent offers a unique angle on Soft Play being that we have a completely mobile set up which incorporates the use of a giant inflatable Tent to house our Soft Play equipment.

The inflatable Tent enables us to offer the service of a safe Playing environment for young children, whilst enabling the parent(s)/guardian an opportunity to relax and unwind for a period of time.

While their young ones either Play in the Ball Pit or explore the various Soft Shapes or keep themselves active on the numerous Toys, all within the safe environment which the inflatable Tent provides.

The Toy Tent inflatable structure not only provides an ideal enclosed safe Playing area but one which also allows the parent(s)/guardian to keep an inquisitive interactive eye on their love ones.

This product is unique and unavailable elsewhere in Australia.

The Tent has a fully padded floor with a sealed ground sheet and has the ability to have both exit/ entry doors open or closed if required.

The dimensions of the inflatable structure allowing for clearance of obstacles is 9 mtrs x 6 mtrs x 4 mtrs (L x W x H).

Our Toy Tent will comfortably hold all our Soft Toy products including our Ballpond, Slide and Soft Toy Shapes and create an indoor Play area in an outdoor space of your choice.



Marquee Hire

Our pop up Marquee provides a solution to those in search of an outdoor Party with space limitations.

The Marquee comes with a padded floor and provides a safe environment for the young ones to build and explore with our various Soft Toys and Softshapes available.

We also provide the walls for the Marquee creating your very own indoor Play centre experience.

Allowing the parents some to relax and observe their loved ones at Play.

The dimensions for are Marquee are 4mtrs x 3 mtrs x 2.5 mtrs (L x W x H).

The Marquee comfortably fits a Soft Play Package plus Ball Pit and can be used in conjunction with our Ride on Tractors or Cars.




testimonial quote

Testimonial 1

……Provided hours of fun for Riley’s 2nd Birthday and always makes our events special. Thank you once again! ……


- Katrina Bernabe, Deer Park

testimonial quote

Testimonial 2

……Jeremy was good to communicate throughout the booking process. Highly recommend for any kids birthdays even if you only have limited space…..


- Michael Brennan , Cranbourne